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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a comfort return policy or sleep trial?

A: Yes! With the purchase of one of our protectors, we have a 45 day no questions asked comfort exchange policy. If you happen to not like your mattress, you can swap it out one time for another of equal or lesser value at no cost to you or if you would like a more expensive model, you only pay the difference!

What is covered under the warranties?

A: It is specific to each company, but generally: Any body impressions of 1.5 inches or greater. This is measured against the corners of the bed. Any spring defect like it poking through the bed, collapsing down, rusting or breaking. Any foam defects like deflation, separation and/or crumbling/deterioration.

How much is delivery?

A: It will depend on exact mileage and services needed, but for local deliveries we are as low as $20 for a mattress and box spring setup in your home.

Can I order over the phone?

A: Yes! We absolutely take phone orders, and though the warranty will still be intact, our comfort exchange policy is voided if you did not come in to the store to try your mattress. If you did come to see the mattress, all warranties and comfort exchange policies will still be in place. Call (678) 913-4558.

When can I expect my mattress?

A: If we have it in stock, we have affordable same-day and next day options. If it is a mattress that is out of stock, depending on the brand, it usually is 5-8 days till it comes to us and we can usually deliver it the same day we get it in, especially for local deliveries.

Can we order furniture?

A: We offer anything found on Ashley for less! Absolutely anything you find on Ashley, we can usually get for much less than even their deepest sales. All of the furniture we offer is brand-new direct from the manufacturer.

What kind of warranties do you offer?

A: All of our mattresses come with fully intact manufacturer’s warranties and all of them are non-prorated, which means you pay nothing except shipping ever there is ever an issue with the mattress. Depending on your mattress we have 15 year, 10 year, 5 year, 3 year and 1 year warranties on our beds.

What does the warranty not cover?

A: Any warranty in the industry will not cover stains or damage done to the outside of the bed. Our 99.99% water-proof, 99.99% dust-mite proof premium protectors will make sure that your mattress never has any issue with its surface and will ensure you get the most out of you mattress. Warranties will also not cover any jumping on the mattress or damage done by the customer to the bed.

What happens to my warranty if Mattress Made Easy happens to go out of business?

A: You are still covered! The manufacturers will be able to assist you with any issues.

How far do you deliver?

A: Generally, anywhere in the greater Atlanta area or 30 miles from our shop. Special deliveries for extended range can be requested.

Can I place an order over the internet?

A: Though we will likely be implementing this in the future for select lines, we take pride in cutting through the confusion and helping you find the best mattress for you. Contrary to the opinion of some, we believe that there is no “one size fits all mattress” and we truly can and want to help you find the best one for you ?

Can you really help me find the right bed for me?

A: Yes! Our years of experience, knowledge, training, study and the systems that we use help us quickly narrow down the best product for you. We factor in body type, sleep style, injuries, pains, current issues, and your preferences in a very quick and professional manner. Come in for yourself and see how easy it is for you to make sure you get the best bang for your buck and a better night sleep today!

Have another question? Feel free to give us a call @ (678) 913-4558 or send us a message.


This place was amazing! I ended up with a BEAUTIFUL BeautyRest bed that was soft but firm.. my dream bed. He also got it delivered that night so I wouldn’t have to deal with my awful bed anymore. I can’t say this enough... DON’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE!! Ross will HOOK YOU UP!!

Kayleigh Rogers

This is a great business. Owner goes out of his way to make you feel good about your purchase, but puts zero pressure on you to buy like other mattress stores. The owner listened to what type of mattress we wanted and around how much we wanted to spend, and he walked us to about 5 or 6 styles that met our criteria. 

Michelle A.

Marietta, GA

Mattresses made easy is what you would want all your shopping experiences to be...Friendly, knowledgeable staff that cares more about you being happy with your bed than a quick buck.. THESE GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!!

Terris Morrow

Mattress Made Easy is family-owned and operated right here in Roswell, Georgia. We’re committed to providing you with a no-pressure, custom-fit mattress shopping experience, and will match or beat any advertised price on the same mattress.

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